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All potential pet owners should to take time to ask these questions before making a decision:
1. Why am I getting a pet? For companionship? For security?     To give it a home?
2. Am I getting it for myself or for someone else?
3. And is that person responsible enough to have a pet?
4. What kind of pet shall I get?
5. Is my house able to comfortably accommodate the pet?
6. How much time will I have to spend with it?
7. Is the pet I am thinking of keeping legal?
8. Does it need a license ? Where do I get the pet from?
9. Do I go to the breeder, the pet shop, the SPCA or shall I       just give a stray a home?
10. How do I select a pet ? Do I know what to look for?
11. Is there an available book that will teach me how to      select and care for my intended pet?
12. Will I have time to care for and train my pet?
13. Who will care for it when I am away overseas?
14. How long will the animal live?
15. Will I be able to care for it ALL its life?
16. Can I afford the veterinary fees when it needs       treatment?

  C & C Farms is a Canadian Parrot Breeder


we ship only within USA,CANADA,UK,AUSTRALIA and EUROPE.

We do not export birds.



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