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Emotionally honest and resilient, Amazon parrots are outgoing, happy, flexible birds that frequently learn to talk and sing. We like to think of Amazons as “joy incarnate in feathers”. They have music in their souls. They take change and chaos in stride, so they are one of the easier birds to have in a boisterous family situation. Amazon parrots tend to be extroverted, enthusiastic and demonstrative; they are emotionally honest and you can almost always tell how one is feeling about things by looking at their behavior and body posture.

While many Amazons do not appreciate being petted all over their bodies, there are times when they love to have their heads petted and skritched. Amazon parrots love to be with you and to participate in what you are doing.

Amazon parrots tend to get overweight if too many fatty foods are offered and not enough exercise is given. Luckily Amazons that are given lots to do plenty of area to do it in, and are exercised frequently do not have a problem burning those calories

Amazon parrots are often overlooked because of a bad reputation for becoming aggressive during breeding season. This is definitely the case with some individuals, more often males of the species with more yellow, and birds who have not been properly raised or had no consistent boundaries set for them. It is our experience that all Amazon parrots can become overloaded at times, and during breeding season when the hormones are raging that can happen more easily.

Fortunately, when overloaded, Amazon parrots exhibit a behavior we refer to as “full amazon”; they spread their tails, pin their eyes, spread their wings out and, in extreme cases, make their bodies horizontal. When an Amazon parrot looks like that, don’t pick it up with your hand! It is saying “I am overloaded and excited, if you pick me up I may bite you!” Listen to the bird! When an Amazon is acting like this, have it step up on a stick. This will help you maintain a positive relationship with the bird. The overload will pass and the bird will calm down again.

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