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Calm, peaceful and serenely elegant, Eclectus parrots are incredibly beautiful birds that love to be admired. We raise only Solomon Island Eclectus, Eclectus roratus solomonensis, the smallest and most emotionally stable of the Eclectus parrot family. Also known as 'the furry parrot', Eclectus parrots have feathers on their heads that don't "zip up" like wing feathers do, giving them a soft furry appearance. The females are bright blood red with darker maroon wings. Solomon Island Eclectus females have a distinct dividing line on their breasts - the upper portion is blood red, the lower portion is royal blue, extending across their bellies and under their wings. These Eclectus also have a beautiful electric blue eye ring that looks like they use eyeliner make up. Their beaks are totally black. Solomon Island Eclectus males are electric grass green with crimson red under their wings against a black background. They have cobalt blue primary flight feathers. One of the most striking features of the male Eclectus parrot is his magnificent beak that looks like candy corn, being a bright orange at the top near his cere, fading to yellow at the beak tip. These beautiful parrots are found in the Solomon Islands as well as the Admiralty Islands and the Bismarck Archipelago in the South Pacific (near Papua and New Guinea).

Solomon Island Eclectus parrots are around 12 inches in length and weigh 375-400 grams.

Eclectus parrots are stable, easy going, calm, peaceful and quiet. They are so beautiful and can sit so still, a question we often hear is, "Are they real?" While some are reluctant, shy or infrequent talkers, some can develop excellent vocabularies and speak very clearly. Eclectus parrots can be kept singly, or in pairs. Unlike many other parrot species, if kept as a pair they keep their pet quality and friendliness towards people. They are relatively tranquil birds who are not as destructive as most species. Eclectus parrots tend to be very gentle with their beaks and will seldom bite hard

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